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TFE is a leading technology management company in Malaysia.

TFE started its journey in 1994 by introducing innovative water technology for human, health and Industries.

TFE is well-known for its cost-effective, updated, patent protected and award winning high efficiency technologies. It has history of 100% success rate.

To stay ahead of changing times and fast paced technological development, TFE changed its name from Techno-Food group to TFE Global representing its more global outlook and presence. The primary operating subsidiary has been rebranded to TFE Water Systems to reflect industry specialization.

Over the past few years, TFE has advanced tremendously and successfully introduced new products like Desalination (DSW) and green technology for Industrial Waste Water Recycling (IWWR) by using TFE membrane technology.

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) are used for resource recovery from waste stream, membrane separation for fresh water and desalination of industrial and municipal wastewater. To reduce energy consumption, TFE Energy has developed technology for energy recovery and micro hydro turbine for operating small scale desalination plants.

TFE sales , servicing and manufacturing facilities are spread all over the globe.

TFE Water Systems is dedicated to conducting research, product development, plant design, manufacturing and providing fully automatic custom made plants for industrial process water. TFE currently has research collaboration with a few universities and laboratories, aiming to develop and transfer technology.

TFE is always at the forefront of technology with the ability to offer competitive services to contribute in achieving economic and environmental sustainability by mitigating the future global water and energy crisis.